How to Make Orgonite Jewelry

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This is an interesting historical insight: Dr. Wilhelm Reich postulated the theory in the 1940s wherein orgonite transformed the immediate vicinity’s negative energy into positive life energy. Any individual can craft homemade orgonite pendants and harness the physical energy of orgone from the atmosphere. This becomes feasible when both organic and inorganic materials, along with energy attracting properties, of quartz are blended together. Pendants of quartz crystals are of amazing clarity and wound clockwise with copper. How to make orgonite jewelry that is claimed to revitalize, heal and balance the body by generating positive energy?

For crafting unique orgonite jewelry, the basic requirements are fiberglass resin, a quartz crystal metal shavings and molds. Generally, the orgonite items cannot be categorized into any specific shape or size. But some designs, that have proven to be effective, are constantly used for best health benefits. A real quartz crystal provides the piezoelectric stimulus; for effectiveness the crystal should not be less than 3mm in size. At times, small bits of gem such as Tourmaline, Opal, Amethyst, Hematite, Lapis Lazuli, Tourmaline and other such crystals are used in orgonite device.

When using the metal shavings, three things need to be adhered to. Smaller bits of metal pieces are preferred, like brass shavings, rather than big iron nails so that a perfect integration of minuscule metal shavings with resin can be performed. In this context, fine iron/copper powder is believed to be the best material. Moreover, the quarter-inch wide aluminum curls as well as copper, bronze, brass, iron, nickel or even steel shavings are effective. Lead or other toxic materials should be avoided.

Polyester based resin is the most favored and widely used item for orgonite jewelry. Such type of resin does not suffer from shrinkage at the time of curing and has the least amount of volatile organic compounds. For molds, the silicon muffin trays are known to be the best. At the time of blending the metal shavings with the resin, it is vital to get rid of air bubbles in the resin while crafting orgonite jewelry. This is feasible when the resin is kept aside for 5 to 10 minutes; this allows the air bubbles to float and get released in the air.

After carefully pouring all the molds and mixing the resin with metal shavings for a perfect coating, it is time to wait for the curing process that may take about 24-48 hours. If the stickiness in the resin persists it is advisable to check the curing agent and add spray varnish.

In case of ornamental orgonite devises, the contents are poured and cured in different layers. Since the first layer will be topmost, an instance of the best method of how to make orgonite jewelry is to have the first layer of clear crystals followed by a layer of other gemstones while the third and fourth layers comprise of copper shavings and aluminum shards. Following these steps will help in crafting a beautiful silver triangle pedant that showcases the distinct three layers of orgone matrix.

The bottom layer of fine aluminum dust is blended with a small quartz crystal, fine quartz dust and resin. The second layer is more crystals and gems, while the third and top-most layer is linseed oil resin combined with gold flake and opals.

Since making orgonite jewelry is a creative hobby and quite fun to indulge in, where the artisan’s imagination can run riot, only persistent practice yields the perfect devise. Individuals have their own methods of making this form of jewelry, but the guidelines provided herein will ensure that amateurs avoid the pitfalls while crafting the ornamental piece. A bit of research on crystals, metals, resins and molds will acclimatize the beginner on how to make orgonite jewelry.

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