Inspiration For Handmade Jewelry Design

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Designing your own handmade jewelry can be really exciting, as it presents you with the occasion of spending many a fruitful hour in creative action. It remains a highly satisfying way to bring forth your imaginative abilities in the form of an exciting and profitable hobby. However, taking that first tentative step into an altogether new innovative endeavor might be somewhat bewildering and even intimidating. However, once you get the hang of it, you are on the threshold of an ancient as well as highly aesthetic craft.

There are many factors to be taken into account prior to getting yourself involved in the artistic endeavor of jewelry design. And to help you along with the commendable pastime, there are many online galleries to instill you with the necessary inspiration so that you remain motivated throughout the process without your interest flagging in any way, on the way, till the very end. And to get you going with the project, a few pointers would be of potential help.

Jewelry design: some useful pointers

Suppose you require a set of jewelry that augments a special outfit you have in mind. The very first thing to take note is the colors to be selected that can enhance the outfit and the length of the necklace or chain that is most apposite. Then consider the occasion for which a particular piece of jewelry is necessary. In a purely formal situation, shoulder duster earrings ought to be really suitable, while in a quite informal occasion like a picnic you will need a jewelry design that is more practical. To facilitate matters along to move smoothly forward, imagine that you are a painter, wire and beads are your paint, and the canvas is your own very body.


Search for extraordinary color combinations by visiting your local fabric shop. In the process allow fashion to be your sole guide. To this end, get hold of a few magazines on fashion that can show you the designs you can change to or make a few of your own.  After all these busy activity, take a few days rest letting your mind work in the background so that the muse will locate you and fill you with inspiration as well as the necessary guidance so that you can continue your work unhindered.

It is a marvelous idea to spread your equipment such as the wire, the few necessary beads etc. and look at it often so that they would tell you what to do. Play with the materials as if you are a kid until at last something occurs to you and you suddenly know exactly what to do. And last of all, design a piece of jewelry for that special person in your life, keeping that individual constantly in your mind, imagining what colors would look good on her and the kind of personality that she possesses and design something that is most appropriate to her.

Search for websites

You will come across many websites that offer a sort of virtual design board that enables you to choose jewelry making materials such as beads and clasps and then to go on to try them and finally hit upon a design prior to the procuring of the necessary materials.

There are websites that refrain from helping you directly with the design, but show the various jewelry parts that you can go for. Sometimes they do provide articles about designing jewelry in general along with features of gemstones, metal or glass jewelry parts.

It is true that this kind of website does not in effect put together the piece of jewelry that you have designed. Instead, it allows you to pick the various types of beads as well as arrangements. In the process such sites let you settle on all the materials to be bought so that you never end up with numerous extra beads that you do not need.

Then there is the jewelry design website that offers choices regarding the kind of metal, type of stone, setting, engraving, etc. As this is essentially a sort of mix-match service, you stand to gain a good number of options to choose from, although you are quite unable to design your own elements. Such a site might even create its own designs and pass it to you. You can print what you prefer and show them to their store in your area and buy it from them.


You can also visit those sites maintained by design artists, ready to work along with you in various ways to devise the piece of jewelry you require. You can offer them a simple sketch and they might come up with design options for your perusal. Yet there are others who by making use of automated jewelry design software, might design to your exact specifications. Some will even contact you on the phone to confer with you about your designs. Such kinds of websites usually design the jewelry as well as craft the designed piece.

By searching for such sites and following their advice, you can do your own handmade jewelry design as well as create them. Who knows, you might even end up as a jewelry designer of repute!

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